ISO 9001 - Policy



M A N A G E M E N T    D E C L A R A T I O N

Policy regarding quality, environment , healthy and safety

working conditions



The Policy regarding quality, environment, healthy and safety conditions is an integral part of the common policy and strategy of Operation Management Services Ltd. The policy, approved by the company management is an instrument for managing and improvement of the company’s activity result. This is performed under protective conditions for the environment and securing health and work safety.      

Our policy is based on the basic principles for quality management:

v    Customer orientation – we depend on our customers and that’s why we trend to understand their current and future needs; we fulfill their requirements and try hard to be beyond their expectations;

v    Management – the managers within all levels in the company provide appropriate ambient and surrounding, leading the personnel to achieve the company’s targets;

v    Involving personnel – our employees are the main capital of the company and we are striving for expressing their professional skills, which should be used maximum for Operation Management Services Ltd. and themselves;

v    Process method of approach – we trend to achievement of results effectiveness, managing our activity as processes;

v    Managing system method of approach – the management of mutual interconnected processes as a system form contributes to the effectiveness of the results reached and for implementations of our targets;

v    Continuous improvement – our permanent target is continuous improvement of our achievements;

v    Taking solutions, based on facts – the effectiveness of our solutions is based on data analyze and information;

v    Mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers – we and our suppliers are interconnected and the mutual beneficial relationships between us help to create value.


In order to reach the preset policy the management of Operation Management Services Ltd. determines its main targets:


•          Maintenance of a confidence high level under customers, trust in the company’s loyalty and in the quality of products and services offered to;

•          Increase the customers’ service quality be means of join efforts by the whole company’s staff;

•          Continuous research and forces concerning customers’ demand complete satisfaction;

•          Optimization of company’s economic indicators (costs, prime cost, profit etc.);

•          Performing activities and material usage having less negative influence over environment, human health – thank to more effective resources usage and introduction of modern technologies and equipment;

•          Personnel motivation and establishing of company’s culture, training and qualification, improving the safety work conditions;

•          Strictly keeping the legal and other standard regulations concerning quality environment and work conditions’ improvement in order to achieve high quality of the performed activities, establishing and maintenance of safety and health working conditions for the company staff;

•          Continuously identifying of dangers and risk evaluation, creating measures for continuous improvement of working conditions to reach the final target – working without accidence and professional disease;

•          Regular control and inspections, decrease of harmful impacts over the environment and the company staff’s health, involved in performing the activities, performed by the company;

•          Decrease the discrepancy and the costs, related to them when serving customers - trough effective preventive steps and measures;

•          Increase of staff’s qualification and stimulation the creative spirit;

•          Ensure the required resources for improvement the effectiveness of applying the integrated management system;

•          Creating qualified and appropriate certified team of specialists-experts within the field of operation and maintenance of wind generators and belonging to them power infrastructure.

•          Team specialization in specific particular scopes (blades, electronics and gear box), achievement of maximum employees’ substitution in order to guarantee maintenance and operation of a high quality level even when an employee is absent.


•          Establishment of a good working administrative structure, helping for correctly and accurate company’s functioning – improving the documents turnover’, supporting of electronic records, costs management, company’s conformity with all legal and norm requirements, creating good internal relationships among and between the departments etc.

•          Communication and company’s marketing positioning as a market leader for post-warranty operation and maintenance of wind parks. Creating a corporative vision making a name for an industry leader.

•          Strict accounting towards current customers and keeping partner relationships with them.

In reference to development, introduction and continuous improvement of the integrated management system




My personal engagement regarding fulfillment the present policy

I am convinced that the staff of Operation Management Services Ltd. becomes aware of the importance of the targets, set for the company’s development. I am assured that each staff member sill contribute to fulfillment the Quality policy in compliance with his/her authority, responsibility and competence.