Full detailed inspection which includes visual inspection, inspection of the blades and hub, oil sampling, video endoscopy and vibration analysis, overview of the technical documentation and H&S systems and equipment. 

The inspection of the main gearbox via endoscopic equipment aims to provide with a complete review of the equipment and includes: report of findings, oil analysis and an inspection of gearbox vibration dampers.

The vibration analysis provides monitoring and early warning system on a parameterization and vibration-diagnostical basis for wind turbine components (main bearing, gearbox, generator). It serves to recognize changed signals in general as well as changes in vibration signals which arise from damage. Performing of periodical vibration analysis minimise the danger of a breakdown, an unplanned machine downtime or consequential damages after a technical problem.

Regular measuring and adjustment of drive train components alignment is important for the optimal WTG performance. Testing and correcting the alignment with laser is generally recommended once every 24 months. 

OMS, under its partnerships with Hailo Wind Systems is licensed to perform annual inspection and certification of service lifts and ladders located in the WTG.